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Legacy Brick is the next generation in clay brick. The collection offers a sophisticated palette and depth of colour never before seen in the marketplace. 

With each brick uniquely crafted in the most environmentally friendly brick manufacturing plant in the world, Legacy is pure brick innovation.

Legacy Brick’s state-of-the-art emission control-system exceeds the world’s most stringent green standards. It is the most efficient system to remove & neutralize harmful emission gases. The first of its kind, this custom-engineered emission scrubbing system has significantly lower air emissions versus current conventional clay brick manufacturing scrubbing processes.

Legacy Brick has the lowest carbon footprint in North America and is a zero wastewater generator. The company’s green innovations lead the way for the ceramics industry, leaps ahead of the new 2020 targeted emission standard thresholds issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC).



We believe in treading lightly to help safeguard the planet for future generations. That’s why Villa Stone is innovated to be 10% lighter than traditional manufactured stone. These weight savings translate into fuel savings during transportation, for a reduced CO2 output from manufacturing facility to jobsite. A lighter stone also means less structure load on the building envelope, so every Villa Stone home treads a little lighter, too.


Villa Stone reduces CO2 transport emissions by 3x to 7x over conventional competition.


Villa Stone is tried, tested and true to the demanding Canadian climate. In developing Villa Stone, we subjected it to freeze and thaw testing in a salted environment, to provide greater structural insight and integrity vs. typical freeze and thaw testing without salt being present.

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